Dialetto Design is a brand that manufactures furniture and accessories with a refined design. The furniture and objects are designed by young designers and talented artists and created by master craftsmen with the use of solid wood, ceramics and valuable materials, which have always been one of the ingredients of made in Italy. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, careful selection of raw materials have led us to put on our creations the words “hancrafted in Italy”. Although we are in the era of industry 4.0 our products are the result of our artisan tradition and of our cultural roots.


Dialetto Design offers furniture and accessory that goes beyond the fashion seasons trends, which express their timeless style .  A selected collection of a high quality products made by the best italian craftmen. Every product are subjected to strict controls which guarantee the highest quality for the customers.


Dialetto Design is not just a selection of products, is a lifestyle, where imperfection means quality, care of details and high manifacture. Dd selects the best craft identities with an high sensibility for innovation and research in excellence of raw materials, to create the best products ever.


Dialetto Design has been created to allow  customers to find exclusive and sophisticated products, every product is verifyed by our expert quality managers to provide you our excellence. Every product has our quolity mark that protect our goods from forgery.

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